Monday, October 01, 2012

Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Meat Free month!

Free of a lot, but not free of taste!
Avocados, how I love thee...


It's been months since I last wrote (March... really???). Maybe I haven't written because I'm happy. It's harder to write about the joy I feel in life - especially when a great deal of that joy is from having found such a wonderful partner. I'm honored to share my life with someone who treats me with such respect and love. I want to be careful not to step over the line and intrude on the life of someone who is more private than I am. 

That having been said, recently, my boyfriend and I have had some strong reasons to get back on track with our weight loss and motivation to be healthy. We were quite successful last year and both of us want to get back to paying more attention to what and how we eat. 

So with the suggestion and participation of my friend, Lori, this month is dairy free, wheat free, meat free month (she's also doing soy free, but I don't want to eliminate tvp or tofu)! Even my boyfriend is on board (he's awesome). I wish I had thought to take photos of day one... because it was amazingly delish. Luckily, I used a recipe from this website:

A website full of yummy wonderfulness and photos. 

Tonight we had Tinkyada Organic Brown Rice Pasta with Creamy Avocado Sauce. It was so good! You can follow the recipe on the website. I put in a bunch of garlic... maybe too much! But the combo of lemon/avocado/garlic/basil was sublime.

I added a handful of walnuts to make it a bit more like pesto, used a whole lemon and two avocados and maybe half a cup of fresh basil. 

Photos from now on, promise.

What has been difficult for me this time is getting back on track. The re-aligning of my body with my new goals takes time. I'm still craving grease and meat! However, after day one I find that I feel full and content. I'm excited about the future and the rest of this month.

I'm fortunate that my friend Lori came over this weekend and we planned the month together. There is nothing more difficult than trying to plan alone. I always seem to fall short when I try to do this sort of thing alone. Not only that, but we put together grocery lists of things we needed.

I'm excited to post about this most recent foray into being healthy and happy with anyone who wants to read along. If you have a great recipe you'd like to share, please feel free to do so!