Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Because you can never predict love...


All day long I've wanted one thing. To go to sleep. Went to bed at 9:30. Couldn't shake the feeling I was forgetting something. Finally remembered I needed to put a warm pack on Yannah 's incredibly swollen face. She's sleeping at the foot of my bed, so I got up, warmed a washcloth and prepared for drama.

Instead, as I placed the wash cloth on her face and gently talked to her, she just looked at me. Three times I reheated the washcloth and three times she let me press it against the hard, swollen lump just behind her eye. She never resisted, never whined, just looked so sad and sick. But even feeling incredibly hurt, she still was patient with me and didn't doubt me. She still let me do what I needed to do. And I got teary- eyed.

Because she isn't demonstrative. She isn't overly affectionate. Sometimes I'm pretty sure she isn't even that thrilled to see me, truth is, she kinda likes guys :). But at the end of it all, she knows me. And I know she's hurting. And I know I love her, and she'll get through this just like she did last time. And I know she knows her pack.

But beyond her, I realized tonight my daughter and I couldn't have a better third family member- she's patient, tolerant and other than some chewing issues? The most unassuming member of this clan. And I know now, that while I'm sad she never became a guide dog, I can't imagine my life anymore without her.

I think I can finally sleep.